Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little About Me


My name is Jean, I'm 21 years old (finally), and I'm a senior at Emerson College in Boston. My academic life has been pretty complicated over the past few years, as I went from being a Film Production major to an English major to applying to grad school for Psychology. But the main reason I'm taking this course is because I want to fulfill a minor in Women's and Gender Studies by the time I graduate, and I would be unable to do that with classes at Emerson.

During this break so far, I have been in Boston a bit, in Maine for new years, and just hanging out with friends and getting some much needed sleep! In my spare time, I like to eat sushi and thai food and watch The Office on Netflix instant play. I also love to sing, and I perform at open mics and other events with my friend who accompanies me on guitar. I am currently interning at the Psychiatry Neuroimaging Lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and I hope to be working at a camp for kids with Autism over the summer.

And that's about all you need to know!


  1. what camp do you plan on working at?

  2. There are a few I've applied to, but I'm hoping either Camp Ramapo in New York or Camp Akeela in Vermont!